Welcome to Notes ETC

Welcome to Notes ETC , the blog for the Department of English and Technical Communication at the University of Missouri-Rolla. You can read about the department on our web page, which I hope you will visit.
The entries in this blog will include news, comments, and reflections on issues relevant to the department, its faculty, its students, its alumni, and other interested parties. As chair, I am responsible for the blog. Please send me questions or suggestions for topics relevant to Notes ETC. Comments, of course, are welcome.
Late May and early June were pretty quiet in the department: very few students and not many faculty around. Summer School is in its second week at UMR, so there are more people in the halls, offices, and classrooms. I’m personally looking forward to the opening of the coffee shop under construction in the library. Come by and I’ll stand you to a cup.
I plan (hope) to post at least three entries a week. The software works on my Linux LAN at home, so I expect to do some entries over weekends.