Taking a Break

Thanksgiving break started officially this weekend, a landmark eagerly awaited. For some it started earlier, sometime last week. Friday, the campus population was down quite a bit — the boisterous voices, the standing, sitting, slouched students crowded in the hall, waiting for class . . .
Yesterday morning (Saturday), I walked downtown to get my hair cut, prepared to go for a coffee if the barbershop were full. It wasn’t. Very few cars were parked along Pine Street; there were hardly any pedestrians. A cool sunny November morning and nobody around. Several thousand students gone, the town grows quiet. Of course, faculty leave as well as students. I’m one of those grinds who doesn’t leave but sticks around to try to catch up.
The title of this entry, "Taking a Break," might refer to the fact it’s been three weeks since I posted here. I hadn’t realized so much time had passed — not a deliberate break, either, just busyness and distraction.
Whatever you do over this week, I hope it’s fun and relaxing.