2016 Scholarship Recipients

Missouri S&T’s Department of English and Technical Communication offers seven scholarships for students. Congratulations to the following 2016 recipients:

The Jack K. and Mary K. Boyd Memorial Scholarship:
Amra Mehanovic

The Larry Paul Vonalt and Elizabeth Cummins
Vonalt Endowed Scholarship:

Taylor Schubert & Kathryn Curran

The Pogue Endowed Scholarship in English:
Jeanette Mentz

The Winona Clark and J. Kent Roberts
Endowed Scholarship in English:

Kassi Talak

The English and Technical Communication
Alumni Endowed Scholarship:

Kaleigh Rogers & Hannah Ramsey

The Marylou W. Legsdin English Scholarship:
Tori Ramsey

The Prewett Liberal Arts Scholarship:
Hannah Ramsey