Dolan Receives UMRB Grant for Second Book Project

Congratulations to Dr. Kathryn (“KC”) Dolan, who has just been awarded a University of Missouri Research Board grant. This grant will enable her to work full-time in Fall 2016 on her second book project: Dinner Stories: Food Animals and the Environment in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature.

The following is a list of UMRB grant recipients, past and present, from our department:

• Ed Malone, 2016, Technical Communication in World War II: The Birth of a Profession
• Anne Cotterill, 2015, Absolute Zero: Demonic Cold in Early Modern England
• Eric Bryan, 2012, The Christianization of Scandinavia
• Kate Drowne, 2011, The Black Flapper: Jazz Age Stories of Modern Black Women
• David Wright, 2008, Communications in Converging Industries: NAIS
• Ed Malone, 2008, Women Technical Communicators before 1960
• Anne Cotterill, 2006, Elizabeth Isham: A Life in the Margins
• Kathy Northcut, 2005, Drawing Meaning: The Power of Scientific Illustration