Revised MS Requirements (Effective Fall 2020)

A revised version of our Master of Science in Technical Communication went into effect in Fall 2020. The major changes are as follows:

  • An MS student is no longer required to take a comprehensive examination or complete a thesis, although completing a thesis is still an option.
  • Rather than taking 10 specific courses for the degree, a non-thesis MS student must take TCH COM 6600 Foundations of Technical Communication and 9 more courses of his or her choosing from a list of 15 courses. (However, the choices are constrained by what is being offered in any given semester.)

For more information about the changes, compare the previous version of the degree to the revised version:

The revision was informed by an external review of the MS program in February 2019. The external reviewers were Dr. Julie Watts, University of Wisconsin-Stout; Dr. Miles A. Kimball, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; and Dr. Kirk St. Amant, Louisiana Tech University.

The revised degree requirements apply only to students who begin their studies in Fall 2020 or later. Students who began the MS before Fall 2020 must complete the degree requirements that were in effect when they matriculated unless they submit a form to change their “catalog year.”