New Graduate Track Pathway Allows BS/BA Students to Complete the MS Program Sooner

Starting in fall 2020, BA and BS majors in our department were given an exciting new option: an accelerated master’s degree program. This program, one of several Graduate Track Pathway (GTP) programs on campus, allows a student to start working on the MS in Technical Communication during his or her senior year.

To be accepted to the program, the student must have a 3.5 GPA or better in at least 9 credit hours of English and TCH COM courses plus at least a 3.0 overall GPA. Upon completing 90 credit hours of undergraduate coursework, the student may apply for admission to the MS program in technical communication at After applying, the student should contact Dr. Daniel Reardon to complete the accelerated program admission form.

Once accepted to the program, the senior may take up to three TCH COM courses (or 9 credit hours) that will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.